Кулон Ring Heart в Талдыкоргане

Кулон Ring Heart в Талдыкоргане
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  • Производитель: Израиль
  • Дата производства: 03.01.2018
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The congress of Israel is likened to the beloved and the holy one blessed is he is David. The connection between Israel and the holy one blessed is he is likened to marriage. Which means to say, may this, the connection between Israel and their father in heaven be a mutual one.

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Just as a man needs a woman, and he is not whole without her, and despite all his unique qualities and accolades, he still requires "a helper as his partner. That is why G-d created for himself "a helper as his partner", the people of Israel. That is what The Blessed one willed, that the existence of the world and its evolution would be maintained by the connection of the nation of Israel with the holy one blessed be he.

The congregation of Israel is the bride, she is the lover of David, and David, the Holy one blessed is he apparently needs her, that she will participate in his deeds.

And the lover courts her, serenades her and requests her proximity company " O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the covert of the cliff, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.

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Thou art all fair, my love; and there is no spot in thee. The lover, The Holy one blessed be he knocks on the entrance of the congregation of Israel, and asks her to open the door, that she will let him in, that she will open her closed heart, and if there was a period of alienation, from her side, of forgetfulness, of ignoring, of apathy, the lover calls her, awakens her from her apathy.

All this apathy from her side, all this estrangement and distance, there is nothing concrete to it. Indeed the bride is attracted to her lover; she yearns for him, pines for him and seeks him out. She admires her lover. Sincerely do we love thee.

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