Smart watch DZ09 в Абакане

Smart watch DZ09 в Абакане
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  • Дата производства: 25.01.2018
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This awesome display of the DZ09 single SIM smart watch phone gives you great experience with the best display screen. DZ09 smart watch comes in dimensions of It can make calls and send text messages using the SIM card within it.

How to Unbrick and Install Firmware files on DZ09 Smartwatch Phone

Make uncountable calls to anyone or send unlimited messages to your buddies just from your wrist. Bluetooth Phone Call and Answer Bluetooth v3. Be able to read message notifications, make or receive calls just from your wrist watch phone.

The DZ09 smart watch phone gives you the power to interact via your DZ09 smart watch. Better Synchronization — Phonebook, Messages, Call Log and Music Sync Experience the awesome feeling that accompanies you when you can just watch your playlists, check contacts, messages and call log from your smart watch.

Phonebook Synchronization With the phonebook synchronization on your smart watch the DZ09 single SIM smart watch phone, you can quickly place up your favorite contact on the dial pad without confirming it from the phone.

Know those who frequently call you, the last time you took or made a call.

Measure Your Fitness

Message Synchronization Have you ever screwed up by failing to reply a text on time? Well we fail to reply sometimes. But with the DZ09 smart watch you get real time message notifications and also you can read a message from the smart watch. Capture your phone and allow the smart watch to remotely control your smartphone.

Make it your Smart Phone

Take pictures with your phone virtually by controlling it with your DZ09 smart watch phone. Wake up in the morning knowing the quality of sleep you had. Whether it was fast sleep or whatever. This pedometer lets you monitor your exercise practice.

DZ09 Smart Watch.

Pedometer records the number steps you take and count the distance to make you fully control your sports training schedule and output. Sedentary Reminder Been having short nights due to being busy? Let you DZ09 smart watch tell you the right time to sleep.

With the sedentary reminder you resist sub-health conditions caused by lack of enough sleep.

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Once Bluetooth is disconnected or the phone is out of the Bluetooth distance, the DZ09 smart watch will give an alert of the same. Remotely Control the camera of your phone Realize the awesomeness that comes with virtually or remotely taking photos from your smart watch.

Now you can control your camera and also record those awesome moments via DZ09 smart watch phone. Realize greater experience with the mAh battery. Pin buckle design Classic stainless steel pin buckle, Convenient to wear and take off Compatibility: Compatible with Android smartphones.

This phone will only work with GSM networks:

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