Mini DX Camera в Мытищах

Mini DX Camera в Мытищах
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60 Frames Per Second

Plus you can choose and download Android apps to edit images and produce memorable presentations, and bring family and friends in on the fun. Capture, create and share everywhere you go with the Galaxy NX. Make the most of every journey with location-based suggestions Photo Suggest Capture the scene and mood of every hotspot you visit. Photo Suggest instantly connects you to huge libraries of images taken by fellow photographers, to help you find and compose your best shots anywhere in the world.

With Photo Suggest you can reference pictures taken by other people based on your location and create memories of your own. Create your own photo album made of memories Story Album Timeless memories: Best-in-class image quality Express yourself with superior imaging quality Bigger sensor for better image quality The largest sensor available in a mirrorless system lens camera produces stunning depth-of-field and out-focusing effects.

Phase detection AF quickly calculates and sets the distance of your subject, while contrast AF instantly fine-tunes focus for maximum contrast.

Drone Cameras

Change the lens and change how you view the world Interchangeable Lens Equip the Galaxy NX with any of a growing range of interchangeable lenses to experience almost infinite imaging possibilities. Take wide-angle and deep-focus shots with confidence and ease. Use optical effects to bring richness and impact to visual storytelling. Do more than just shoot amazing photographs and video.

Experience an entire universe of Android apps for image personalization, video effects, or staying in touch with friends and family. You can also upload and store photos instantly online, browse the Internet, sync your devices and much more.

This is the 1080 Mini and It’s All New.

Shot settings and camera related apps in one place Camera Studio The Camera Studio widget lets you customize the Galaxy NX to create, edit and present great images—better and more easily than ever. Save your favorite shooting modes and apps. Gallery and Story Album make it easy to display and share your work.

You can even edit and produce videos with Video Maker or use Paper Artist to create unique still shots. Compose and capture shoots with the best possible settings Smart Mode Stop worrying about settings, and start taking professional-quality artistic shots.

DX vs. FX: It's Not a Debate, It's a Choice

A quick tap of the Smart Mode button gives you access to a wide range of special modes. Use Drama Shot to merge continuous shots of moving objects into a single composed image, or Action Freeze to instantly capture high-speed action. Using Light Trace, unleash your inner Picasso and have your subject draw with a handheld light to capture prolonged exposure effects.

Multi Exposure shot lets you blend two shots into a single beautifully composed image. Just choose the mode you want and go.

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